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Please note that this is a Beta release of CookieSwap and I can't guarantee that there aren't any potential problems with the release but it has been quite stable and nice for me and the people who helped me to test the initial Beta release.

The only thing I ask if you download this beta release is to please provide some feedback (ideally constructive) either by mailing to the Mailing List or if you prefer to by more anonymous, use the User Notes. I'm particularly interested in ANY problems you see and also any suggestions for ways to improve the user interface. Also, feel free to post any suggestions on better ways to explain what CookieSwap does or any questions about what it is doing.

====== Install Link =====
Official Version: CookieSwap_0_5_0.xpi
(If nothing happens when you click the link, look for a yellow information bar at the top of the Firefox window. Either click "Edit Options" on that bar and add the cookieswap URL to the list of allowed sites and click the link again or right-click on the link to save the file to disk. Then use File-OpenFile on Firefox to select the file and install the extension.)

Version History

  1. 0.5.0-Added support to remove all cookies from all profiles with one click
  2. version:
    -Removes 'CookieSwap' term from the status bar
    -Uses kiwidesign's new icon (thanks again kiwidesign!)
    -CookieSwap is available from all browser windows (not just the first one)
  3. 0.4.8-Fixed incompatibility with CookieCuller
  4. 0.4.7-Added support for Linux as well as Firefox 2.0.0
  5. 0.4.6-First version offically released to Firefox Add-ons site (only the version of Firefox supported was updated from 0.4.5)
  6. 0.4.5-First version released to the public!

Release Notes

  1. I don't have any detailed instructions on how to use CookieSwap, but basically after you install it, you will see a new item in your status bar that says something like "CookieSwap:Profile1". If you right-click on that status bar item, you can switch to a different profile which will change out all your cookies. To get back to the original cookies, swap back to the original profile.
  2. Although I (and others) have tested CookieSwap to ensure that there are no problems with the extension, if you are particularly attached to your current cookies and don't want to risk possibly losing them by using this extension then I'd suggest that you backup your current cookie file prior to installing CookieSwap. To do this, go to your profile dir (see this for help finding it), and make a copy of cookies.txt (call it something like cookies_org.txt).
  3. By default, CookieSwap creates three cookie profiles (called 'Profile1', 'Profile2' and 'Profile3') and you can rename, add or delete profiles using the directions on the help page. Future release will have a user friendly way to manage profiles.
  4. The first time you run CookieSwap, the 'Profile1' profile will be the active profile and all your current cookies will be considered part of that profile. Switching to a different profile (say Profile2) will cause all your cookies to be swapped out and the browser will show that you have no cookies. To get back to the original cookies, just swap back to 'Profile1'.
  5. For a good example of how to use CookieSwap, please take a look at 'Test2' on the Beta Test Page.

Known Issues

  1. BugId 12751-CookieSwap is only available on the first instance of the Firefox browser opened. So, if you use (Ctrl-N) to open up a new browser window, you will see on additional windows 'CookieSwap:Inactive' in the status bar to show that you can't execute a cookie swap on that window. This will be fixed in a later release...sorry.
  2. BugId 12688-CookieSwap does not correctly handle cookies that have an expiration date later than 31Dec2100. On each profile swap, cookies with that far out date will actually add a day to their expiration time...shouldn't be a problem because you aren't likely to be alive when the cookie should have expired anyway.

If you'd be interested in helping to be an official beta tester, see the Beta Testers link for some simple tests you could perform to verify the release...thanks, Steve.

For questions or comments about CookieSwap, please send a message to the cookieswap mailing list.
For questions or comments not about a specific project, please read our feedback page.
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