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As you have probably seen, I haven't yet implemented a nice user friendly way to change the profile names. The manual process isn't very hard at all. If you click on 'Manage profiles' from the CookieSwap menu, it will tell you the directory where your CookieSwap files are located. In that directory you'll see numerous files that have the format of 'cookies_profileName.txt'. You'll see one file in that directory has the extension '.tx1' instead of 'txt', that file is the active profile.

Changing or Adding Profiles
Close Firefox and navigate to the directory mentioned in the dialog you see when you click on 'Manage profiles'. Simply rename the files to match the profile names you desire...just be sure that all the filenames have the format of 'cookies_profileName.txt'. Also, feel free to add or remove files to add or remove profiles. Be sure to have one and only one file with a '.tx1' extension as that defines the active profile and you can only have one active profile at a time.

A directory with the following files:


Will cause CookieSwap to startup with four profiles:
KidsProfile - Note this profile is active since it has a 'tx1' extensions

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